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Who are we?Web Design and SEO Experts

EBV Consulting is a start-up which emerged from El Boquerón Viajero in New York, specializing in Multilingual web development, SEO, Content Creation, Adwords and Blog Strategies. It was established three years ago. After securing clients in New York, we moved to the Costa del Sol in order to help businesses improve their websites and have better visibility on the internet.


Using our passion for the internet and marketing, we ensure that businesses achieve their objective of reaching any part of the world.


We are becoming the go-to resource in multilingual web development and SEO, making sure our clients are always 100% satisfied.


Passion for the Internet * Experience * Personalized Service * Respect * Dedication * Client Satisfaction


Pedro Ramirez

Pedro Ramirez

Founder & Web Consultant

Born in Málaga, I am an Information Systems Engineering Master’s graduate from Málaga University and I have an MBA specializing in Marketing. Ever since I was a child, I have always been an entrepreneur. I like to analyze, find the existing needs and try to meet these needs by starting up new projects. I am the co-founder of “El Boquerón Viajero” and various Facebook pages (Auténtico Nueva York, Uncovering Andalucia), Director of Andalucia and New York for the VIVO Travel Club enterprise and SEO consultant for various businesses in New York, Europe and Spain. I love sports and film.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the combination of techniques used to improve a business’s web position in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, where users search for information. Normally, people click on links found on the first page and will rarely go past the third results page.

Multilingual Web Design

People are used to finding information on businesses’ web pages. This means every business must offer a user-friendly and attractive web page which will capture the attention of potential clients. It has become imperative that web pages are truly multilingual and multicultural, not just well translated. Thanks to our team of native speakers and linguists, we have the capability to study your business objectives and provide a first basic analysis, without any obligation, so you can make a decision as to whether our service would be beneficial for you.


We are a multilingual business, allowing us to not just translate content from one language to another, but to interpret it, so that the results and the feelings are the same in numerous languages. We specialize in connecting in different languages, therefore we are able to reach a greater range of clients.

Special For Tourism

Content Creation

We specialize in tourism content development. Thanks to one of our main projects, El Boquerón Viajero, we have acquired a great deal of experience in high quality content development, focusing on Hospitality, Tourism and Travel.

Social Networks and Multilingual Blogs

Good communication on the internet is vital for any business, regardless of its size. It has become more and more vital to reach potential clients in English, as well as in Spanish. Social media and blogs have become a fundamental tool to promote products, introduce the public to the brand and not only be able to sell the product, but turn the product into a desirable commodity. We will help you to reach potential English-speaking clients, making your communication bilingual and bicultural.

El Boquerón Viajero

Across our business, we give you the opportunity to collaborate directly with our bilingual and bicultural travel blog El Boquerón Viajero. After four years of hard work, our blog has been recognized on an international scale, being covered on numerous media outlets, radio stations as well as major tourism websites. We can collaborate by covering products and content, blog trips, social media promotion or whatever project or idea you have in mind.

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